Do you ever judge yourself for:

Your looks being too thick or thin, tall, or short, eating too little or too much or the wrong things? 

Your intelligence not being smart enough, saying the wrong things, negative thoughts? 

Your worthiness not being cool enough, reactions and behaviours, wealth, social status?

Every spiritual tradition has its own set of disciplines, although they may vary in name and detail, they are similar in actual practice and their effect on daily living to enable us to remove the mask of separateness and learn to identify ourselves completely with our real Self.

My spiritual journey has brought me several disciplines, but the heart of it is meditation. The impact of meditation on daily living breaks down into three stages which have supported me in my own de-masking. 

You are not your body

The first stage is the discovery that we are not our body. When we discover this, we stop identifying as a body, and identifying others with theirs. This allows for us to see everyone as people rather than a physical object. When we recognize we are not the body, but the animator, we see the body is simply the external instrument we use in life, much like a car or a paint brush.

You are not your mind

The second stage is the realization that we are also not our mind. The mind is the internal instrument, much like an engine, one that is capable of incredible power. When we experience this, we understand we are not our emotional problems. Like mechanical issues, we simply require some maintenance. With some adjustments we can transform hatred to love, resentment to forgiveness, etc.

The secret of this transformation is breathtakingly simple: we become what we meditate on. As we go into the stillness, we give the mind a radiant focal point, so that all the things we are not can begin to fall away. 

Who are you?

The final stage is Self-realization, where all barriers, all illusions of separateness dissolve and the masks are removed. You see yourself as you really are, the Self, pure potential. 

My wish today is for perseverance. The journey of remembering who we are may be long, but I know it is worth every effort.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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