Many of us have been taught, you get what you give. If someone is mean or rude to us, we return the favour. 

Last night over dinner we were talking about values. For one of us their main value is respect. This morning my reading began with one of the secrets to victorious living is in having an equal attitude towards all. To everyone, it is necessary to behave with respect. 

Fascinating! I love when my morning readings link to something the night before or the day ahead. I don’t believe in coincidences, so instead what I witness are synchronicities or daily miracles. 

What if instead of the stimulus response behaviour we were taught, we treated all those around us with respect? I will be the first to say, this will be a challenge. This means that we would no longer be controlled by the behaviours of others, reacting to the stimulus of their actions. Instead, we would live in freedom. And freedom is my number one value.

How often have I reacted to someone and then later regretted my words, thoughts, or actions? Too many, to be honest. 

See the Light in others

This gets a little easier if we think of the words of the late Wayne Dyer, see the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.

What if instead of engaging in the competition of tug-o-war between ego, we simply let go of the rope? No longer would we need to worry about what others are doing or the position of our feet, how tired we are or more superior we felt. We could just be. 

My wish today is to let go a little more, to treat all of those around me with kindness, compassion, and respect (these are the main values for each last night) so that I may live in freedom.

How will you see those around you today? How will you treat them?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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