Are you your thoughts?

In short, no.

Quite often, when I am working with clients, I suggest they name the voices in their head. The narrators. You know those voices, the criticizer, the congratulator, the righteous one, the scared one, the bitchy one, and so on. The reason I ask for people to do this is so that they can understand that they are not those voices but the One whom hears or experiences them. We are also the one who chooses to hear them or believe in them or not.

All thoughts are pure energy. Every thought you ever have is creative. They are electrical charges within the quantum field or Universe, and they never die. Thoughts are eternal. Whether they are born of love, joy, reverence, inspiration, or they are born of fear and all that comes from fear, they are like energy attracting like energy. And when we commit to our thoughts we strengthen the emotion, love or fear, that instigated the thought. Each emotion being a magnetic charge thus draws a corresponding experience back to you. 

So, I have found that by naming the voices or narrators in our heads we can dissociate from them instead of buying into the story. Each of these voices is a different identity, so by naming them we begin to pick and choose which ones we will hold council with. Thus, we choose which reality we will experience. 

Mindfulness practice is all about knowing yourself, or the voices, so that we can experience this reality through free will. First, we notice, then we experience, and finally, we become. This is the biology of belief. We pick our perception of our environment. Then, we feed and strengthen it through thoughts and feelings. This is free will. There is always a choice.

What are the thoughts you are choosing to experience?

Today is the perfect day to empower yourself!

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

Conscious Empowerment Coach

Thought noticer & experiencer

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