I began to write last April when my coach challenged me to either write or do a FB Live everyday to push me through the discomfort of being myself. Yes. You read that right. I hired a coach to help me get out of my head, to remove the intellectual armour I was hiding behind, and into my heart. I had a lot of dreams and desires that I was scared to do, mostly I was terrified of negative feedback. Even the idea of ridicule tossed me back to elementary and high school (insert full body shiver here).

I will be eternally grateful for this push. The world doesn’t need us to fit in, it needs us to show up as our true selves. 

detaching from opinions

One of my favourite parts of who I am becoming, or remembering I am, is my curiosity and courage to not be stuck to my current beliefs or opinions. I love to learn. Which means I am always seeing life through ever shifting lenses. 

Last May I wrote a piece on Soul School. I spoke of the earth as a giant school that went from daycare to university. Each of us is in school together, at different grades with different majors and interests. Over the last year I have questioned it. As my understanding deepens, I recognize that we need not learn so much as remember our true nature, however, now I think learning and remembering are intertwined.

Today I read again about the idea of each lifetime being a version of back-to-school. It said, “until we are able to put our parents, partner, children, friends, and enemies first, we will have to come back to school.


First, this TRIGGERED me! As a person who has literally survived physical, mental, emotional, and sexual cruelty, my defences went up HARD! But I kept reading, trying to control my breathing and relax my body. I did this because I knew I was about to understand something that would help me let go a little more. 

The purpose of life is to finish our schooling by eliminating all that is selfish and separate in us. This is tough to do when others are perpetuating their pain and wounds into the world, spewing hurt. But it has to start somewhere, with someone. Why not me?

Be the change

This is not an easy path, the spiritual one, the human one. But it is a worthy journey. Be the change you wish to see in the world, don’t wait for someone else. Talk about it. If we start having these kinds of conversations, we will inspire and support each other so that we can each remember our true eternal nature. We are pure potential, pure consciousness. The journey inward is not scary, that is a lie that we have been fed to keep us where we are. Who benefits from this?

How may I be of service today? This is my daily prayer. 

Meditation is the stillness where we sense the answers.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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