As I move through the process of Self discovery I become aware of each of the ways I have subconsciously protected myself, or, armored up. It turns out I have used quite a few tricks to guard against being hurt. 

Armouring up

First, I have a crazy memory for remembering what people have done and said along with how it made me feel. I can usually even remember what they were wearing and where we were, this helps me win. 

Another is giving with conditions. This one actually has people let me down as a way to remember I can only really depend on myself ouch! This one I didn’t recognize right away. It looks like this – I support those around me and am upset when others don’t behave in a way that my ego feels they should in return. (I have been working on this one for about 7 years thanks to a friend pointing it out – double ouch!)


So, here’s what I understand now.

Forgiving and giving freely are two ways in which Creation (insert your name for the Divine of your own understanding here) manifests through us. 

This rocked me. 

How many times a day can we show our Divinity? Not talk about it, but show it? Silence is the language of Creation – as in action through our Beingness. 

Healing really begins not only by being this way but by also actively trying to see the Light in everyone around us. If we practice everyday, to really see each other’s light, we strengthen our ability to forgive and give unconditionally; to be a walking manifestation of our Divinity. 

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us.

The mind has a tremendous ability to dwell on things. We can channel this ability to dwell completely on The Light. Same ability, different focus!

Today my intention is to see every experience as an opportunity to expand, to see the Light in each person and interaction.

What is your intention for you today?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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