Throughout my life I have asked this question. Why? Why do certain things happen? Why are people born into their familial and social situations? 

Is it destiny?

Do we have a choice? 

One of the biggest points of suffering I have come across is our identity. Not just our self image of roles, but the identifying with our body and intellect. Both of these things exist only through separation.  Good or bad, right or wrong, you or me, they are all two ends of a spectrum, and they are all illusions. 

What if from the very beginning we have had choice, free will? And due to the natural law of cause and effect we are playing out our choices? 

The first question needs to be, who am I? 

I am not my body, but the one who has been aware of my body from birth until the present moment. I am not my thoughts, but the thinker, the one who is aware of them. I am not my emotions, but the one who experiences magnetic energy in motion. I am not my environment but the one who perceives it. 

I am the experiencer. And I am eternal, without beginning or end.

Every moment I am experiencing my own creation, my environment. Or more accurately, my perception of my environment based on past actions, memories, and desires. 

With all of this then, the answer to why is because it is the effect. If I disrespected my parents in a past life, I will experience the disrespect of my children in this life. Not to suffer, but simply to experience. If I can learn to see them as just like me and love them unconditionally, unaffected by likes and dislikes, I create a new reality or environment.


This is what is meant by karma. It is not punishment or reward, but the beautiful cycle of creation. We are each Creation expanded with the purpose of expanding creation. Creation wants to experience Itself. We want to experience ourSelves. 

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to create?

You are not broken. There is nothing you need to learn. 

We only need to remember.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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