How does an over achieving A-type personality get into meditation, you might ask?

Well, it wasn’t by choice! 

Back when my life was over the top hectic my doctor suggested meditation as a tool to help me center and relieve stress. I tried it and thought it was a neat idea but didn’t give it a ton of value, nor did I make it a priority by any means. Then, after struggling with a concussion for many months with ALL of my doctors and caregivers nagging me to meditate I started to dig in a little deeper. I didn’t buy in right away. I tried with a little success but not enough to make me a believer let alone a dedicated practitioner. On my quest to understand why everyone was recommending it I found some courses on the science of it. My doctor finally signed off on me taking a course which was self paced so that I could take as much time as I needed (I thought that was a bit of a joke at the time, afterall, how hard could it be?!?!). 

Well, it is probably needless to say, but it was tougher than I had expected. (Life with a battered brain has lots of obstacles, including a slowed cognitive function.) My teacher was a neuro-scientist, and she was passionate about its benefits. The first time I was able to overcome my pain using my breath, I was hooked and seriously fascinated by our untapped abilities. 

I kept practicing but noticed there was nowhere for someone like me (someone without a spiritual lineage) to practice. I had to practice guiding meditation as part of my course, so a wonderful friend offered her store after hours to do just that. As I practiced I fell in love with guiding and my own journey as guide. After some time, my hubby created a space on our property for me so I wouldn’t have to travel (some days I couldn’t drive myself).

How does it fit into my life now?


How has it changed my life?

In every way. Meditation has helped me find peace in the chaos. Instead of reacting to every trigger, I have more opportunities to respond in ways that don’t include feeling ashamed or guilty. I can see my thoughts and pause, choosing whether I want them or if they need to be rewritten. I have more compassion and empathy, for myself and those around me. Mostly, it has opened up the door to living my life with equanimity, which is more than I had ever dreamed possible.

How can it help you?

I don’t know, exactly. But I do know that it can. I have absolutely zero doubt!

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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