Finding the word or words that resonate with you

When I started to dedicate myself to my healing journey one of the biggest adjustments was the commitment to my spiritual journey. I have looked at many styles trying to figure out what resonated for me, what was my truth. As I touched each path of belief I grew to understand that there is a vast difference between right and wrong versus for me or not for me. I started to understand that just because something isn’t my truth it didn’t mean that it wasn’t true nor was it wrong. Just as there are many different languages in this world, there are as many different spiritual paths. And, the more I understood this the more I could see the beauty of each path along with the FACT that each path moves in its own way back to Self. This was a huge relief to me as now I only have to ask that important question, does this lead me toward Love, or further away?

Why is all of this important, you might ask?

Well, because I was also searching for my name for Love. To many this could be Jesus, God, Allah, Jehovah, Divine Mother, and soooooooo many more. So what was mine? 

Or is it a phrase? Something such as Hail Mary, Ave Maria, Om mani padme hum, etc.?

I have spent YEARS trying to figure this out. And the more I searched the harder it became as many teachers can be strict in their beliefs about using, and sticking to, one mantra word or phrase. Here is the thing, it is YOUR practice and no one else’s. Much of our daily turmoil comes from trying to appease others, be accepted, and / or fit in. But this is personal, VERY PERSONAL, and it needs to resonate deep within you. 

Also, just as we expand our awareness the chances are good that our mantra will change, evolve or even shift along with us. Just as different aspects of our personality take the lead, such as our inner warrior and goddess, the aspect of Divine that we are connecting with might as well, such as Divine mother and Lord of Love. 

A mantra is a powerful spiritual formula which, when repeated silently in the mind, has the capacity to transform consciousness, 

We begin by selecting a mantra that resonates deeply within. Next, repeat your mantra silently whenever you get a chance – while doing chores, walking, waiting, driving, and especially when falling asleep. Use it whenever you are agitated to help recenter until the agitation subsides. This is the key, we use our mantra to find our center and help us steady so that we can become victorious over the mind rather than being tossed around by its chaos. We harness the power of the mind and put it to work as the instrument of creation it was designed to be.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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