Putting Others First

One of the most difficult things for me to overcome has been the concept that we are not our bodies, that each of us is part of one whole. Obviously, from the moment we are born we experience ourselves as separate from everyone else, at least physically. Then, in this time of human life, we are taught to strive and compete – me versus you, us versus them- which causes further distance between us all. 

It cannot be us versus them AND we are part of the whole without causing self-harm

Each time we put our own needs first or dwell on ourselves we strengthen the separation between us. This is a huge conflict with our true purpose in life, which is to remember or re-member. 

We are Creation expanded, expanding creation, so that Creation can experience itself. We are not Creation separated. If there are waves in the ocean they are both an aspect of the ocean as well as part of the ocean itself.

When we think of my needs, my plans, my ideas and belief we cannot help but become insecure and lonely. Simply because of the separation that is created in this type of thinking. It doesn’t mean that we want to be the same, just as each wave is unique we are each a unique aspect of creation. 

But we do need to remember how to put others first.

We do this by starting with our inner circle of family and friends where there is already a bond and foundation of love and respect to build on. When spouses and partners put each other first they are not only creating greater intimacy (in to me see), but they are also removing the walls of ego, and this ripples out into other relationships as well. 

If we each do this we are first on their list so we don’t have to be first on ours. If we think of the good of all, we are part of the all.

This is the beginning of not only inner peace but peace for all. 

What is one change or adjustment you can make today?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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