A Soul Circle

When I started this journey I wanted it to be a solitary one. I needed it to be. This is because it was vital for me to figure out what my own truth was without being swayed by the opinions and beliefs of others. I needed to hear the whispers of my soul and create an intimate relationship with it. 

Over the years I had ignored my intuition in favour of being liked, or at the very least not being disliked. I had blocked out these soul whispers for so long that I could hardly hear anything at all anymore, 

How do you strengthen your intuition?

You practice. That simple, You just practice, every single day in every possible experience. You can start by stilling yourself and asking a question. Notice where you feel the answer in your body – often this is either in the gut or chest, but can also be in your throat or another place. Each time you need to decide something you start by checking in with that spot and noticing the pull towards an option. Now, this next part is super important! You follow it! No matter what. If you don’t you break the bond you are trying to strengthen and start again.

So, in the beginning of my journey I was quite happy to be a solitary practitioner of spirituality, seeking my own paths. However, as I have continued I have found it necessary to find and create a soul circle. It has been a slow and steady journey of connecting with others who are spiritually oriented. This doesn’t mean we all think the same, but that we support one another on our journeys. 

So the seventh tool is spiritual fellowship. When we are trying to change our life there’s quite a bit at play, it is helpful to have the support of others with the same intention. 

What does this look like?

Many of us struggle because our families and long term friends are not interested in our journeys (YET!); so it can feel very lonely and isolating. I encourage you to keep chatting to others about what you are reading and looking for. The more open you are about what you desire to become, the more intimacy you create – we are weaving our intuition in with living with an open heart and awakening mind, Our intuition is our true protector, not our fear, so the more we strengthen that sense the more confident we can feel that it is safe to be our authentic Self.

If you have friends that are meditating or on a spiritual path, you can get together regularly to share a meal, meditate, or perhaps read a book that supports your journeys and discuss it. This can be small soul circles where you create and share safe space and support one another, 

Share your times of entertainment as well, relaxation and laughter are important parts of living a spiritually aligned life. Unconditional love is the key to this journey. So play! That is what life is about. Creating, being creators and experiencing our creations as we remember, or re-member. 

How can you begin to create spiritual fellowship in your life?

How can you support yourself and others on this journey of life?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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