Emotional Hoarding

Do you hoard your emotions?

What do I mean by this? Well, do you hold on to your emotions even after the experience has passed? Do you keep them ALL? How about some?

As I have expanded into my life, I have become fascinated by somatics, or trapped energy, and how it plays out. Not only in personalities, but in each persons personal reality. Subconsciously we tell ourselves that we are keeping the emotional ties to past experiences so that they don’t happen again. Or maybe so that we can stay alert for the next enjoyable moment, just like the last one. When we remember our past experiences with emotions attached, they etch deeper into our memories. Add smell or taste and you can pretty much guarantee yourself that you will never fully forget. 

But here is the thing, only past experiences WITHOUT an emotional attachment is wisdom. Everything else is simply living in the past. It is perceiving the present moment through the perception of past experiences. Please note, PERCEPTION. That version of the story we tell ourselves that is tainted through emotions. 

Next question. Do you tend to hoard positive emotions or negative?

Both keep us locked in the past. The only way we can truly experience the present moment is with no narrative. There is simply the moment. Then the next. 

How many amazing opportunities and relationships have you harmed or missed by living in the past?

Are you ready to let go? Or will you continue to let them drag you through life?

If you are ready to let go, I am waiting for you.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

Conscious Empowerment Coach

Healer, Mystic, Teacher, and Student

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