Do you ever beat yourself up because of your thoughts? Judge yourself with an internal condemnation of something like, you should be better than that are what’s wrong with you?

Because the idea of evolution is a straight-ish line, we can have an expectation of how we should progress. We are bioelectromagnetic beings, and every moment we are experiencing creative energy through different levels of consciousness. Both eastern and western science and philosophy show that there are 3 states of energy, and everything, including Personality, is made up of them. 

At the lowest energy, think childhood, we experience collective consciousness. We are taught beliefs, and lessons of past experiences, as we absorb the world around us. We are shown separation. We are watching, absorbing, AND buying in. 

Then as we move into adolescence we experience the constant stream of thoughts- worrying, resenting, competing – we call mind, the birth of ego and I. We are power released and yet uncontrolled and egoic. 

If it is modelled for us, we begin to transition into adulthood. We see truth and fact instead of story. We become aware, unruffled, and self-controlled. We are not repressed energy, but in a natural state of harmony and unity.

Our personality is dynamic; a constant expression of all three states, with one being predominant in each moment. This is where we beat ourselves up. When we shift between these levels of awareness. As long as we identify as a body (matter) and a mind, we are at the mercy of this ever-shifting play of energy.

Self is not involved in this interaction of energies; it is a witness rather than a participant. Because personality is a process, we are in a constant state of reshaping. Left to itself, mind repeats patterns. By training the mind, we can learn to step-in and change, through the power of will.

Consciousness is a continuous flow of awareness. Evolution is the return to our native state. First, we transform old beliefs and apathy into enthusiastic energy, although self-centered and egoic. We then must harness it into a higher ideal using the will. Passion is channelled into selfless action.

The goal of evolution is to return to unity; that is, TO STILL THE MIND. Then the soul rests in pure unitary consciousness. It can watch and experience creation without being dragged along by the drama of the mind. We experience inner peace.

This is the point on meditation. Training.

“In the still mind, in the depths of meditation, the Self reveals itself knowing the joy and peace of complete fulfillment.

Are you ready to start training? Are you ready for inner peace?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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