Several years ago, I read Brene Brown’s book, Dare to Lead. In it she spoke of values and how we each have 3 main ones. My values are freedom, courage, and spirituality. 


This week in school we were going through the chakras, or states of consciousness, and I became aware that my main value, freedom, has evolved.

Originally, I saw freedom through the lens of safety and survival. I considered it to mean not being controlled by circumstances of survival, free to live. Then it became about creativity, feeling free to create my life both at home with those I love and at work through design and style, and even my personal style.

As I began to look at it through the lens of personal power, I had a difficult struggle. I had a lot of fear and anxiety around self-worth. My lack of confidence could come through as arrogance. I overcompensated with intellect. Freedom for me is not being controlled by opinions, judgements, and expectations.

Freedom is forgiveness

As this shift happened it naturally progressed me to the understanding that if I didn’t forgive, I would always be able to be manipulated and controlled by my own triggers. Freedom is forgiveness, it is compassion and empathy. With this came the freedom to speak my truth, to communicate from my heart with the strength of compassion. 

I understand that freedom is not knowing, but it is the wisdom of understanding. It is the freedom to trust your intuition. It is the end of separation and the stepping into wholeness, to become consciously empowered.

This week I finally understood that real freedom is the end of ego. It is inner wisdom and the ability to see the interconnection between us all. 

Freedom is unconditional love.

Freedom is the transmuting of all past experiences so that we can remember who we really are.

My wish today is freedom; for me, for you, for all life.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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