Who are you?

Who am I?

We each play so many roles in this play we call life, that it can be a struggle to remember that we are not actually the roles we play, but the actor. 

Our real personality is not revealed at all; it is cunningly concealed.

 Our true personality is beyond the dualities of thinking, beyond change. It never grows because it is ever perfect, it is ever full. We are taught to see ourselves as our role personalities connected to the body-mind complex. 

How do we detangle ourselves from the beliefs that create anxiety, depression, and separation?

Just as fruit seeds grow into their own fruit tree, each of us is a divine soul seed. Divine seeds grow into Divine trees. Our journey in life is to reveal the divine personality that is concealed within us. The seed must be helped to germinate, the ground cleared, the weeds removed regularly, and then the seedling grows into a Divine tree.

There is a parable from the bible about the Sower and the Seed which helps us understand different responses by people toward spiritual life. It describes the various grounds that our seed can be sowed. This relates to meditation and where one is on their journey.

Some seeds fall by the wayside 

the information goes in one ear and out the other. They don’t get it. They don’t want to.

Some fall on stony ground

the roots are shallow, one can easily become distracted by the next thing. If the root or wisdom aren’t given time to create a habit, the tree falls at the first gust of wind.

Some fall among the thorns

Even if one meditates regularly, the weeds, or thoughts, must be pulled out. If thoughts are allowed to run rampant, spiritual seeds most likely will not thrive. 

And others fell on good ground 

This is more about our inner resources and our willingness to nurture our Self. Many may criticize that it is selfish to tend to our own garden. However, if our garden thrives, we are able to care for many.

My wish today is to tend to my Divine seed; to realize my true personality so that I may be a Divine tree, able to offer shade and sustenance to those around me.

How will you tend to yourSelf today?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo 

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