Recently I was reading about how people are constantly trying to fill a void with things outside themselves. I immediately thought, yep! Then I realized I was still doing exactly that. In the past I have tried to search for fulfillment and happiness with different accomplishments from work to play. I have tried numbing the discomfort with different forms of busyness, eating, etc.

Coping strategies

One of my current habits has been shopping. Not crazy, but still, it is shit I don’t need. Half of it I don’t even want so I end up giving it away or donating it.

Here is what I am recognizing,

Whether we are using extreme sports, judging ourselves or others, drinking, shopping, over working or eating, the intention is the same. We are trying to feel fulfilled, connected, and happy. And even though we know none of these things will give us what we desire, we try, try, and try again. Sometimes we try different things, sometimes we just rinse and repeat.

Over and over, we hear the old adage, happiness is an inside job, but what does that mean? And why are there no manuals!!!

The restlessness we are feeling is a signal from our Self, like a warning system. It whispers to get quieter while ad campaigns loudly promote the next quick fix. 

You are not broken

But here is the thing, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FIXED!!! You also are not lacking anything, there is nothing you need to fulfill or complete you.

The source of wisdom, joy, and security are already within each of us, it’s just hard to hear it with all the commotion of modern living going on. This is the reason we go inward, to meet our Self again so that we can remember our perfection. 

All the noise is what is causing the problems, so they CANNOT be the solution!

My wish is to let go of one more coping strategy, needless shopping. This month I am not allowed to purchase anything other than food items, unless agreed upon with Mike. 

What is a numbing or coping strategy you are using? Are you ready to let go of it?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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