I must say, I love analogies! I find they help to convey the essence of ancient wisdom as modern ideas and concepts in a language that one can resonate with on a personal level.

This week in my reading I came across the analogy of our bodies being like a house. The idea resonated for me, so much so that I have been pulling from this inspiration all week with increasing detail and design.

It can be very difficult for us to grasp that we are not the things we identify as, such as, we are not our body, mind, thoughts, emotions, intellect, or experiences. This is because we are sold the idea that we are these things every single day. We are marketed to and praised as being these very things. Think about it, we believe we are more worthy if we are smarter and have a healthy, attractive body and face. We live in a society, worldwide, that prides intellect and physical appearance.

So if we are not these things, what are we?

We are the one that experiences them.

Who sees when you see? Who feels when you feel? Who thinks when you say, I think?

Here is where the house analogy comes in. 

Many of us spend our life wanting a beautiful house, and we are taught that curb appeal is extremely important, especially if we want others to like our house. We spend a good deal of time on its colour and trim, obsessing with clothing and exercise. We spend a great deal of our time and money on hair and make-up. Just look at influencers. They are telling people what to wear, how to look and act, where to go, etc. if you want to be liked and accepted. This is the equivalent to building your home in a neighborhood with a building scheme. Remember the movie Stepford Wives?

How many diet plans or healthy foods are marketed to us every day. Ever notice how few are about eating real organic food to feed your body for health and longevity? But, not to worry, this pill will make you attractively slim and everyone will either like you or envy you. SOLD!

We spend so much time being duped on the outside that we don’t pay attention to how caustic the paint is, or how short the lifespan of the roof is. Many of us don’t even go into the house, we just keep working on the curb appeal. 

Everyday I talk to people about meditation, do you know how many say to me, I don’t want to meditate, being alone with myself is terrifying! They say it in different ways, but the storyline is the same. The house might be haunted, so I will just stay out here. Or, if I do go in, the foyer is big enough so there is no need to go further. 

At some point in time we spent some much time focused on the house we started to identify as the house. That’s me, the 3rd house down on the left. That’s me, the white house. I’m the only house on my road. 

But we are not the house, we are the architect and the designer, we are the One that resides within.

Creating a home

What if we focused on making our house a warm and loving home instead? What if we cared for the exterior of the house so that it is well maintained but more so that it is inviting to others and told a story of being loved and loving?

What if there is a treasure room inside filled with the most beautiful things that money can’t buy and man can’t make but can only be released?

What if we explore within?

Are you ready to begin your interior design?

Brightest of blessings

Dawn xo

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