The Identity Crisis

How many identities do you have?

I invite you to make a quick list.

Now, what happens when one of these identities feels threatened?

So, a few years back, after a couple of brain injuries took me out, I was faced with this crisis. At that time, I had many identities. I was a lighting goddess, a businesswoman, a partner, a super mom, a woman, a cook, a gym rat, a runner, a hiker, a friend, a boss babe, an intellectual, a student, and many more. I was unfu*kwithable! And then I was almost none of these things. 

Suddenly I couldn’t work, I couldn’t go to the gym or run, heck, I couldn’t even be asked more than one question at a time. I couldn’t cut a lemon in half without help. So, if I was no longer any of the things I identified as, who was I? Was I anything? I was confused and depressed. Then I was anxious. I had spent so much of my life proving that I deserved to exist by doing and being and doing even more. I had no idea where to turn or what to do, and things got dark. I couldn’t hear the words of loved ones as they told me I was healing and then hustled back to their lives. I lost most of the people I thought were my friends because I was no longer part of their daily life. None of that was any ones fault, it was life!

This is when I got the first idea of what kind of coach I was going to be, an Identity Coach. To help others grieve the loss of their identities and find new ones. But then, started to notice some things and questions started to arise. Like, why do I need to be something or anything? Don’t each of our identities keep us separate? 

Hi, I was raised Anglican. Oh, I am Catholic.

We use identities to understand each other. What do you do?

What about dehumanization? Is that not just two opposing identities? One threatening the other?

This is when I let go of the idea of and Identity Crisis Coach and went back in search of who was I meant to support. It took many explorations with things such as a Mindfulness Coach, until I realized that I needed to dig deeper. What lights me up? So began the journey into Conscious Empowerment. But wait! Is that not still an identity? Yep!

It is a fascinating path, the journey inward.

That is when I realized that the title was not the issue, but the attachment we hold to it is. If we believe any of our titles equals our value, we have created a type of chaos for ourselves, as nothing lasts forever. We see this in people who retire when their life was their job. Or moms whose kids leave the nest. An athlete that can no longer play. 

So here is my challenge for this week

What are your identities?

How attached are you to each of them?

Can you allow them to shift and change, expand, or even let go?

Once we become conscious, we can never go back. Once we become aware, we must choose. Are you your identities? Or are you the one who experiences them?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

Conscious Empowerment Coach & Healer

Channel of Divine Light

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