Suffering – friend or foe?

“Suffering in life comes as an enemy only when we don’t know how to receive it as a friend.” When I first read this I thought, what the hell is that supposed to mean?!

But here is what I have realized.

There is always a choice. We always have free will. The question is, do we really act from there? Or has previous programming and our ego got us just thinking we are?

We can either benefit from suffering to improve ourselves, or we can become frustrated and bitter because we don’t change our ways of living under the impact of pain. 

Think of suffering like a road sign, ‘GO BACK, you’re going the WRONG WAY!’ We receive many warnings prior to this – pain ahead, turmoil coming – but we either don’t pay attention or blow them off as something ridiculous, so we speed up rather than slow down. So, why are we so stunned when we crash? 

Maturity helps us respond appropriately (not age!).

This is where meditation comes in. It enables us to see a bigger picture, it gives us the will and wisdom to put the brakes on rather than the gas, ending suffering of self-harm.

This is not only the suffering of the body & mind, but that of the environment as well. Which makes sense when we recognize that our personal body is made up of the physical body, the breath, and the environment. If we doubt this we only have to look at the law of cause & effect.

As our spiritual practice deepens we realize that all suffering affects us. In the subtle body the suffering is born of thoughts, emotions, senses, ego, and intellect. In our causal body, it is the suffering of all life including, all over the world. When we harm another, we harm ourselves and the cycle continues.

We are forged. 

When we stand ready to be forged in the fire for ourselves & others, we are freed from ego and suffering is no longer necessary. 

My wish today, and each day, is to recognize and adhere to the signs.

My wish for you is the same.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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