I do not have potential.

I am pure Potential.

And if I am, so are you!

Do you doubt me? 

Do you doubt you?

In preparation for a mindfulness course this week I have been reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I have never really followed any of Chopras work until I was nudged toward it recently. The first law is the Law of Pure Potentiality. Pure Potential is pure consciousness, pure creative energy; it is a field of silent unmoving awareness from which anything is possible.

We are not separate from this field; this field is our Self. When we know our essential nature, we align with our creative power. We are creation manifested, thus our essential nature is to create, to manifest our reality. Alignment within, knowing what we really are, allows us to create a life we desire. 

When we identify with our ego or self-image, we feel cut-off and separate. This is the birthplace of uncertainty and doubt. We look outside ourselves for security. The need for approval, to control things, for external ground, is fear based. Fear is the illusion of separation. 

Self-power is true power, it comes from the knowledge of the Self. It is magnetic, and draws things to us people, situations, experiences. 

There are several ways to practice this law. Silence and meditation allow us to experience the space between our thoughts. This space is pure potential, a state of pure awareness, that connects us to true power. Practicing nonjudgement is another. Judgement creates a noisy inner dialogue that interferes with the flow of creative energy.

You cannot be in your own business and someone elses. To be in someone elses business you must first abandon your own. And there again is that feeling of separation. 

My wish today is to remember, to remember everything I am, and fall in love with her every moment of every day. 

What would you create if you didn’t hold yourself back?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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