We are not our thoughts. We are the thinker. We are the one who is aware of thinking and of thoughts.

While we should not identify ourselves as our thoughts, we should definitely remain aware of them and their quality as they are real and have real consequences. 

Just as a seed can grown into only one kind of tree or plant, thoughts can only produce effects of only one nature. IE: cheaters always think you are cheating. Like begets like.

Our mind and our body are instruments of Awareness. Mind is an internal instrument and the body an external one. From the body we have senses which we use to experience the outer world. Our mind is an instrument of manifestation. We use it to create the reality we choose. However, for centuries we have allowed the mind to play the role of both supervisor and lacky, therefore creating our own personal Chicken Little. If we let it lead, we experience anxiety, fear, judgement. This is because it was not designed for this role, it is simply not qualified. Anxiety is the fear of the unknown, and mind has no way of knowing. So it is imperative that we remain aware of our thoughts. If they are negative, we need to gently release them without judgement and choose again. 

Our perception of our environment body, health, wealth, freedom, friends is a choice. From a perception of danger, we grow toxic thoughts (plants). From a perception of everything just is an experience, we grow thoughts of wonder and curiosity. We are no see the unknown as dangerous but as a field of endless possibilities for our Soul to experience.

Brightest of blessings

Dawn xo

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