Practicing the art of nonviolent resistance

My Warrior

Several years back I met my first real guide/healer/teacher. It was a bizarre and very uncomfortable experience at the time.

I had gone to her home to assist with a light fixture. A loved one was going through some health issues which she shared with me as I worked. Afterwards she asked me if she could open my chakras as a thank-you. Now, I had no idea what a chakra was, nor had I ever seen someone use a pendulum. She asked me to lay down on the floor (the house was empty as they were moving in shortly after). So, there I lay on the floor of an empty house while she used her pendulum to open my chakras. 

As I lay there, I asked myself, Dawn, how do you get yourself into these things?

She said to me, you know how you always say you don’t care what people think? (We didn’t know each other personally so my eyes flew open, and I tensed) You need to start believing it.

I was ready to leave.

Then she said something that would rock me and change the course of my life, You must not be afraid of your power. There is darkness in you, but it is not evil. You are extremely powerful.

I got up, thanked her, and left.

However, when I got to the end of the street I pulled over. I felt so good. I felt clear and strong.

The day would continue with weird nudges and gifts from my team at work. Later that night, Mike and I would get an impromptu date where I would share my day.

His response to it all? I am so excited for you! You can finally stop surviving and start living.

I was as a survivor

That was the scariest thing I had ever heard! I was a survivor! Who would I be if I wasn’t a warrior?

I would spend the next six years finding out I am still learning each day. 

Today my Teacher, Healer and Visionary play leading roles in my life, while my warrior gets to rest (unless needed of course!). My Warrior is still part of me, but she is in greater balance. When I am out of balance, I am aggressive. When I am in balance, I am firm. I can love and respect everyone AND not accept or allow anyone to exploit me or others. 

This is the art of nonviolent resistance. 

My wish today is to continue to learn and tap into my greatest resources. To respond rather than react. To heal rather than harm.

Who do you choose to be today?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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