Rather than set new years resolutions I picked up the habit of choosing a word for the year that would act as my North Star. 

Last year the word was Congruence. My goal intention was to act and speak from a place of congruence, mind, body, and Self. I held this word as I continued my personal healing journey and co-created what I had been inspired to, Broken Squirrel Wellness. 

The three prior years, my word was Surrender. Each year I thought I had achieved this only to realize I had gotten closer but still had further to go. During these years I read and journaled on The Course in Miracles. I called all the parts of my Self that I had left scattered throughout my life back home, and thus, began to hear my intuition.

This year my word is Bodhicitta, the will to enlightenment-mind. I have come back to this word over and over for the past several years, but this year I understood the necessity for myself to make it my full intention. To surrender, to intentionally move toward awakening or remembering, empathy, and compassion for the benefit of all. 

So, to support this intention I have chosen to go back to my foundational rituals of reading and journaling each morning to expand my mind, exercise and or yoga to strengthen and heal my body, and meditation to heal my body and mind while freeing my Spirit. I am committed to doing these each morning so that the work I do on my mat and seat can continue throughout the day. I am going to begin with an ancient text that I have been nudged towards, The Bhagavad Gita.

My life is a divine expression of all my soul has chosen to experience.

Who do you intend to be this year?

How will you support yourself to live with intention?

I am energetically connected to everyone and everything around me. My true nature transcends time and space. There is no separation between the past, present and future. I am now, I am always.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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