This morning I woke up fine. 

I started with the usual morning rituals and then moved on to my reading and journaling, As I was reading, I noticed that I was starting to feel a bit off but couldn’t put my finger on it. Do you ever get that feeling, like a low-grade warning that things are about to go off the rails? It makes me feel watchful and a bit apprehensive. If I am not careful, I could move into anxious and defensive.

I journaled a bit and became aware of tension creeping into my body, still unsure as to what was up but waiting. I had a class to teach virtually so I tried to shake it off and set up. As I started classes the technical issues began. When I teach, I always start with inner work, eyes closed, focus on breath, etc., so I wasn’t aware that zoom was freezing. I could feel frustration coming from some of my class and tried to hold my center of calm. I reset and started again, twice! But I noticed my nerves increase, I lost my words, and self-doubt crept in with judgements about not being good enough. I was struggling to hold inner peace. By the end I was starting to feel defeated.

We always have options. We can sit in it, or we can use it. We can stay or we can transmute our feelings. This is it. All the training is not for some big grand gestures or show. It is for the everyday moments. It is for real life as we explore it.

So, I jumped on FB and chose to use it as inspiration for a meditation, Let-go. Let go of expectations, of judgements, of outcomes. Let go of tension, of sense, feelings, and thoughts. Let go. Don’t push or cling, just soften your grip. We either let go or we get dragged. The option is ours.

How will you show up today? Will you use your experiences to learn? Or will you let them drag you down?

My wish today is to remember I have a choice, I can let go. My wish for you is freedom.

My mantra for the day inhale good shit (intentions), exhale bullshit (thoughts and old beliefs).

Brightest of blessings

Dawn xo

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