What happens when we repeat a story?

Have you ever noticed what happens to you physically when you repeat a negative story? Whether it is thinking about or verbalizing it, damage is being done on a cellular level.

We are electro-magnetic beings. Each of us has a bioelectromagnetic field (I promise not to geek out! Much) Every thought we have is an electric charge into the quantum field, or Universe; and every emotion that we emote is a magnetic charge, drawing an experience back to us.

This means that LITERALLY every thought you think and every emotion you emote effects every single atom in your environment. Not only your personal environment, the body, but your external environment. They are a continuous example of the law of Cause and Effect. Your thoughts and feelings directly impact how others interact with you, and you with them. Through epigenetics we know that our cells can change their DNA depending on their PERCEPTION of their environment.

If we allow, consciously or not, experiences to overwhelm us or imbalance us they can become stuck, as vibrational frequencies. Each of these cause us to become further imbalanced and can eventually lead to the dis-ease or mind and body. Ancient sages called these samskaras. It is these that cause us pain and from them we can perpetuate pain, hurting others.

Therefore, it is vital that we each make conscious decisions as to what we will think and feel. And when a negative experience arises, to stay with it, allowing it to completely process out. Resisting negative experiences is just as damaging as repetition. 

There are a lot of ways to move old and stagnant energy yoga, meditation, breathwork, reiki, massage, craniosacral, and soooo many more. As a life coach and energy worker, I use a system called the Body Code. We use behavioural kinesiology to ask the subconscious mind about imbalances, bringing them from subconscious to conscious awareness, then we remove them using magnets. We use a magnet because we are electromagnetic beings.

We do not need to be a sum of our past experiences. We do not have to look at the generous present moment through dirty glasses of the past. We can literally let go rather than be dragged. Healed people, heal people.

If you want to know more, reach out.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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