How often have we, as a society, claimed someone (or been judged ourselves) as selfish just because they, or we, didn’t follow the rules? 

Just so we are clear, this is a lifelong topic, not just current events.


What is selfish? So often this term gets thrown around as a tool of manipulation. We say someone is selfish if they go on their own path. We are judged as selfish when we set boundaries. Really selfish is the ego or I-maker. It is when we speak or act at the cost of others. Selfishness is separateness. 

I see life as a pendulum in motion. We swing from one extreme then back again. 

So, often we move from being a part of something to feeling burnt out and move to self care, then we do it all again.


What is selfcare? Selfcare is not about spa days, although they are lovely and rejuvenating. Self care begins with healthy boundaries. These boundaries are meant to help us hold our center so that we don’t become resentful, hostile, judgmental. When these emotions are active in us, they are showing us we are not feeling safe in our current environment. Often, we are already there, we feel depleted, so Self care becomes about recovery.


What is selfless? When we feel safe, we can give ourselves, to be in selfless service. We can help others without the need of praise because we feel like we are part of something, we are after all tribal beings. The key to maintaining this balance becomes selfcare. The most healthy and efficient path of self care is inner work, it is calm. We recharge our batteries with calmness, patience, and peace.

Whenever we are feeling empty, angry, resentful, scared, we are being given an opportunity to practice forgiveness. Rather than retaliation we work toward eliminating the chasm of separateness.

It takes immense strength to ignore the shrill voice of the ego, to help even those who ridicule you. 

In order to enjoy life completely it takes the immense capacity to forgive those who injure you and are hostile to you.

The war within is hard and long.

My wish today is to have the strength and courage to win that battle. Here is my true Warrior.

Who do you need to forgive? Are you ready?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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