When I was a young child, I learned that to keep myself safe I must be a chameleon. I was taught that uniqueness was dangerous, and it would be ‘best’ to fit in. I continued this practice all throughout my life. I would have friends in every genre; when I was with them, I would act like them, the same language, music, behaviours. In many ways this behaviour has benefitted me. I am able to move freely between groups without judgement. On a downside I was unable to find true connection. Or was I?

As I got older, I thought I needed to define me and my likes and dislikes. But finally realized that I did not. 

The deeper I explore inward, the more I understand that I am an infinite process of change. Instead of a single personality, we are layers of components – thoughts, emotions, senses, will, ego, intellect. Always in flux, at different times with different surroundings, there are different personalities. The Chameleon. Moods shift, opinions change, and this is all part of the natural progression of life as we know it. “Change is the nature of mind.” 

So, when I started to ask, who am I, I couldn’t find firm footing. I continued to search for the answers to 3 questions. 

1, Who am I? 

2, What do I want? 

3, What is my purpose?

These past years have been focused o discovery and healing. The deeper I go the more obscure the answer. 

I am Dawn Elgin. 

I am Dawn. 

I am. 

I am the awareness of all that my soul has chosen to experience. There is no good or bad, simply experiences that my ego labels, creating separation. 

Anger is the ego’s defence against fear. Fear is the illusion of separation. I am every thing. And I am the no thing in between.

This world is not an illusion. The illusion is the SENSE of separateness.

Our purpose is to remember what we are. “If our eyes were sensitive to a much finer spectrum, we might see the world as a continuous field of matter and energy.”

How would your life change if you could look at every person, every thing, and see your Self?

The light in me sees and honours and acknowledges the light in you, in everything.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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