Ever hear comments like lifting the veil or waking up in the context of awareness or consciousness?

States of Consciousness

There are multiple states of consciousness. Most of us cycle between waking, deep sleep, and dreaming. When we are in the waking state, we believe we are our body and mind or intellect, which causes us to identify with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, judgements, pain, and perceived limitations. 

In this state of awareness, the two energies of concealing and diverting are at play. The energy of concealment, inertia, keeps us wrapped up in ourselves, believing we are the body-mind and keeping us separate from everyone else. Then the energy of divergence comes along, restless energy, and drags us into an endless cycle of desires for pleasure, power, and material possessions. 

One of the cruelest tricks of this state is that the more we believe in it the lonelier and more frustrated we become. 

Shifting your state

To lift the veil means to become aware that we are not our body, mind, senses, intellect, or ego; to realize that we are awareness, the one that is aware of each of these things. To wake up means to shift our state of consciousness from the illusion of waking state to transcendence, cosmic, divine, or even unity consciousness. 

In these states we are able to see the bigger and bigger pictures. Imagine a building. In waking state, we see through a window on the first floor, we are short sighted, what I do affects only me. In transcendence we are looking from the second or third, what I do can affect those around me. By unity we are on the top floor of a skyscraper, able to see we are all one; what I do affects all and all affects me. We are no longer separate, and the view is fabulous!

We don’t need to learn this. We need to REMEMBER it!

Everything that quiets the mind, weakens the illusion of separation. 

Everything that agitates the mind, strengthens it. 

My wish today is to shift my state, so that I may see the light in you is also the light in me. 

Healed people heal people.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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