Do you notice this in your life?

The more awareness I have brought into my life, the clearer this natural law has become for me. I also notice it much quicker! If I get irritated with someone and judge them when driving, I will do the exact same thing within a few hours. It is like an energetic smack to remind me we are all one. I am just like you; you are just like me in our shared humanity.

Often, we like to think of karma as someone getting their “just due”. But there is another side that I think gets overlooked. It is in the role we play when we allow toxic behavior by others towards us. This can be mental, emotional, or physical. 

What happens when we don’t set clear boundaries?

Clear is kind, unclear is unkind. 

When we allow others to harm us, I believe that it is unkind to both parties. Think about it. We allow someone to incur negative debt when we don’t draw boundaries; doesn’t that make us the enabler? So, if this is the case, don’t we incur negative debt as well? 

I believe that when someone triggers us in some way, that we have a contract with each other. This contract could be to assist us in learning and expanding, such as teaching us forgiveness or empathy. When we have healthy boundaries, we not only show ourselves love and respect, but we also give it to the other party. We don’t allow them to harm themselves. So, if this is the case, doesn’t that mean that healthy boundaries = love? And enabling = unkindness?

Are you ready to love?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

Conscious Empowerment Coach

Healer, Teacher, Light Bringer

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