I am a fighter. Pure fire energy. So much so that people can feel uncomfortable around me. 

Everyday someone comes to me about the current climate of our social world. Not about my stance. They come to with emotion, all kinds, for every side of every argument and opinion. 

My position has been to hold the line. I watch and I listen, I share my perceptions. But more than anything, I see people. I see their anger, and then I remember that anger is the egos defense against fear. I see their fear, and then I remember that fear is the illusion of separation, the discomfort of the unknown. And then, I get curious, and I ask really uncomfortable questions with compassion and empathy. I push their comfort zones in my own unique way. But I see them. I see you.

The war that is raging is not out there. It is inside each of us. There is an old parable about two wolves. I am sure many of you have read or heard of it. It is about a great battle between two wolves that live in each of us. One is all that is anger and hate, the other is all that is good and loving. The language of battle is often found in scriptures, for it conveys the strenuous, long-drawn-out campaign we must wage to free ourselves from tyranny of the ego, the cause of all suffering and sorrow. 

Often this battle is so uncomfortable that we look outside and even project it there. The only way to peace is the journey inward. 

In the two wolves a boy asks, which wolf wins? The elder replies, the one you feed.

Which wolf are you feeding? 

The supreme purpose we have come into human context is to realize, or remember, the unity of life. Are your thoughts, words and actions bringing you closer to unity?

We each must do our own actual fighting, but we have been given the ability to win. I am here. You are not alone.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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