I read something recently, it said, we don’t need to evolve or change, we simply need to uncover. 

I think certain words get used a lot for an experience that can be difficult to explain, often, words are limiting, so we are trying to share a sense of something. We use words like awaken, evolve, expand, heal, remember, become whole, etc. This description has had me go deeper inward.

Here is the sense of my understanding

The whole world is like a grand theatre. A massive play is being organized; it is a work in progress. At first, we wait and listen until we are called up onto stage to learn our lines and practice our roles. Each character has multiple roles child, parent, partner, peer, etc. As we go deeper into the play we begin dress rehearsals, we wear make-up and costumes. All of this covers up who we are. 

Now, some people are like method actors, they are so immersed in their role that they forget they are an actor playing. Some have been playing their roles so well that they have a difficult time stepping back at a scene change. Some know they are not the role, but the make-up is heavy, and it takes effort to remove it.

What can help?

This is what meditation is. Meditation is when we get to sit in the audience. We become aware that there is a grand play with actors playing roles. There is no animosity to the other actors due to awareness of the play. As the audience we can watch, detached, and then join back in, adjusting our character and refining our role to create the greatest play ever.

What if all we need to do is uncover ourselves? 

I believe that we are all pure potential, able at every moment to strip off the masks, step out of the drama, and watch creation in action. We can let go of our roles rather than be dragged by their drama.

Who are you?

Who am I?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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