Have you ever wondered about the spiritual path?

I did.

To be honest, every time I wanted to move in that direction, I felt confused and overwhelmed.

Do I need to give up everything?

Am I bad if I make money? Have a house? Take vacations? Love shoes?

For a long time, I felt judged by people who claimed to be awakened and enlightened. I was too worldly. Too loud. Too much.

When I started to work towards living a life of surrender, I tried to dull my light. I tried to be softer. I tried to change into what I had ben taught was the image of a spiritual person. 

I am so grateful to have been gifted with so many brilliant souls that encouraged me daily to remain in my own unique light. That stopped me when I tried to be what I was not. Friends that have encouraged my crazy laugh, my directness, my big energy, my just-right-amount of muchness.

For years I have searched for my truth. Then I searched for the words to share it. I would look for mentors and be pushed to remain on my own. Then I read about the law of Dharma. Dharma means purpose in life. We each have our own unique talent, and when we express this talent with the intention of fulfilling unique needs, we experience Flow. 

My unique talent is the ability to absorb multiple avenues of information, sift through it, and share it in a practical and spiritual way. 

So, what does it mean to be spiritual?

To seek detachment. This is not to be indifferent but have compassionate care for an instrument of service this goes for both our body and our mind. To be free of sense cravings and self-will. We don’t need to acquire holiness, we are holy. We just need to remove the egoic habits that hide our wholeness. 

Spiritual life is active, joyful, intentional, a MIDDLE path between extremes that transfigures every day living. It is not a running away from life but running toward life with arms wide open. It is freedom.

My greatest hope is to continue this journey of Self exploration, to find the stillness amid chaos. My greatest hope is that you find yours too.

Brightest of Blessings, 

Dawn xo

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