There was a post I saw a couple weeks ago of a baby with a barcode on its forehead. The post spoke of how when we are born, we are given an identity race, religion, social status, beliefs, etc. – and then spend our lives trying to release them. Think about that.

What we are taught

Often, we are taught our beliefs as children, adopting those of our families and then peers. This goes for our social beliefs as well as spiritual ones. When we don’t adopt the beliefs of those around us it can cause conflict because of ego and intellect. The intellect needs to categorize things good or bad, right or wrong, etc. And our ego, or self-image, can feel threatened if those around us don’t agree with our beliefs because intellect states only one can be right.

But what if all spiritual paths lead to the same destination, Spirit. What if just like a mountain, there are many routes that lead to the top? 

It is as if our ego, intellect, senses, body, and mind are all a smoke screen. Distractions and misdirects that draw your attention. We think we are broken and need to be fixed, or we need to learn more to increase our value, when really, we are perfection that has simply forgotten what it is. 

Which path is right?

Whether it is the path of love & devotion, selfless action, or spiritual wisdom – if we are working to overcome selfish desire and anger, we are moving in the direction of home. When we follow a path of integration of all three, we can shift our state of consciousness more efficiently. The goal is to remember, or, to re-member.

My wish today is to integrate, to see the Divine Light that exists in everyone I meet, and judge nothing that appears.

What path(s) will you travel?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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