What are we supporting into existence?

Each morning I read something to awaken the truth within me. I contemplate on what I read and journal; and often move through my day with it showing up in conversations and interactions. I never know how it will, but inevitably I will return to it and share what was shared with me. And when called to, I write.

This morning was on the body and our identity with it. Science and mystics tell us that time is an illusion; eternity is reality. As long as we keep obsessively identifying ourselves with our bodies we will continue to fall into the jaws of death. Our body is an instrument, one to be used to both experience and create in this world. But the senses of the body are seductive and addictive, making it easy to be drawn into illusions.

Whatever perishes is not real; whatever exists in reality, exists always.

Gandhi taught that evil has no existence in itself. We support evil; therefore, it exists, but if we withdraw our support it ceases to exist. 

This reminded me of when I was a teen, and my mother was telling me that wearing black and certain symbols were evil. I had replied, it is only evil because you give it that power. I am not sure where that came from, but looking back I can see both sides. When we categorize things, creating separation we are supporting evil. Every time we support anger, hate, jealousy, judgement, separation we are doing self-harm, we are eating it and then somehow are surprised that our bodies are poisoned creating dis-ease inside and out. 

How do we stop this?

We stop it by withdrawing our support. 

My wish today is to see you as the Divine marvel that you are. To see you and respect you without judgement, without the illusion of separation.

I love you because you exist.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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