The most powerful statement we make are I am statements. They are declarations. If we believe the statement and make it with feeling we create a personal reality which will support it.

Every single thought matters, whether we act on them or say them out loud. Each one is an electrical charge emitted out into the quantum field we call Universe. 

Every emotion we emote is a magnetic charge, which draws an experience back to us.

Thus, everything we think and everything we feel effects every atom in our environment. This environment includes our body, mind, and spirit. It also includes our outer environment. 

How often do you think, when ______ happens then I will be (place emotion here)?

For years I would do this. I would think, when I have my own house, I will feel secure. Or, when I have a love, I will feel complete. And on, and on it went. Or I would make broad comments like, people are assholes. In my own defense, I worked retail.

Th moment I understood the concept above my life changed. Why? Because I did! I understood that if I didn’t like my current personal reality, all I needed to do was change my personality. What we look for, we find. This is not necessarily an easy undertaking, but it is a worthy one. 

So back to my first question who are you? Anything we state after I am or I, is given to us. So, if the statement is I want it, is true. You DO want. If the statement is, I am (insert negative comment), then that is what you create for yourself. 

This was really hard for me at first. I had been taught that to think positively about yourself was arrogant. I was scared to think I was good at anything in case others didn’t agree or said something. But when I started to see myself as the Light of Creation, I started to expand and create more light. I want this for you. I want you to see the Light in you that I see. I want you to shine so that this world is a beacon of light in the Universe, one that has no beginning and no end. Surround yourself with people that support you and see you. Support others on their journey. When we create from our bodies, minds, and souls we create from being whole or holy. When we create from only one part of ourselves, then we are creating from un-wholeness or being unholy. 

What would happen if we paused before speaking or acting to create from a place of wholeness? Who would you be then?

Who do you want to be?

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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