Why was my childhood such as it was? Why was my adolescence or any of the other years until now? Heck, for that matter, why is now the way it is!?

I have spent so much of my life either being dragged along by the riptide of daily chaos or in search of the explanation of what the riptide is for. 

Much of my life I have felt alone and lonely, not always at the same time. As a child I felt like I was a round peg in a square hole, and I thought that if I could just change enough to fit it would be fine. So, I would shift and adjust until I felt like I was wearing a corset so tight I couldn’t breathe. And the crazy thing was, no one saw me. I felt just as lonely and alone. 

I wonder, how often are things and people taken out of our life to help us see truth? 

There is a theory that there are two underlying fundamental principles to everything. The first is the principle of mind and matter that can be broken down into 8 divisions earth, fire, water, air, space or aether, mind, intellect, and ego. These create a film or veil that distorts our perceptions of life. The second principle is pure spirit; it supports the whole universe and is the source of life in everything. It is desire if desire is in harmony with purpose. It is what can be hidden by the film of the matter and mind.

If our purpose is and we desire to know, to have an intimate relationship with our Self and Source, wouldn’t distortions need to be removed? Wouldn’t misguided beliefs and attachments need to be let go of? 

Quantum physics show us that if we look closely enough, we will see that there is no end to you and beginning of me. The are no firm lines, nothing is solid. So how could I ever be alone? Isn’t the sense of loneliness only the misguided belief that we are separate? 

Life is like a book or a movie, made up of the mind and matter. We are the reader or watcher, pure spirit. Suffering is what happens when we think we are participating, attached to how the story ends. Suffering is the space between our expectations and reality.

My wish is to remain aware that I am the watcher of this beautiful play, here to appreciate it, to witness creation. My wish is to watch it with you.

Brightest of blessings

Dawn xo

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