Would I be missed if I left right now?

For many reasons throughout my life, I have asked this question. Because I believe that we choose what we want to experience in each lifetime I believe that we not only pick our parents to help set the stage, but we also ask for help from other beings. This brings us to path, every path having the same destination, knowledge of Self. When we attain this knowledge, we experience life with the understanding that the same Self lives in all. Whether rich or poor, a spiritual aspirant or an outcaste, human or animals or trees.

My path, NOT my identity, has been that of the Wounded Healer. To walk in darkness and personal hardships as a process of transformation. This lifetime I chose not to do this once but over and over, to temper myself. This is a path of service in action. It is not better or worse than another path. They all lead to the same goal: Self knowledge and service.

While on this path there have been times of feeling very alone. I have wanted to give up, even attempted to in my teens and twenties, with that one question, would anyone even notice I was gone?

Each of us is vital to the whole. We are linked. Wayne Dyer described the word Universe as one song. Each of sings the same song, we may be on different verses or the chorus or singing in different octaves and languages, but we are one. Your voice would be missed.

When we know our Self, we don’t try to compete with another. We are actually able to be and act authentically. We can support others without fear of there not being enough or us not being worthy. It may seem like some are doing the same thing, but if each person is being themselves, they are doing it uniquely. 

Living in someone else Dharma, is living a life of competition. It is living in resistance. When we are living in our own Dharma, our own unique gift in our own unique way, we are walking the path of least resistance. We are living a life of service. We are asking, how may I benefit the world. Each way is of equal importance. The is no role too small.

My wish is that we experience our Self and then see it in each other. Healed people heal people.

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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