How do we get there? How do we support ourselves on the journey to finding our unique purpose? How do we allow our purpose and presence contribute to making this world a better place?

These questions can feel lofty, and our ego may even whisper that the very idea of being special is egoic. It may hold us back, whispering encouragements to play a little smaller.

I am a very strong fire energy. So much so that people can feel intimidated by it. I can go out of balance through the conditioning of striving and doing. I used to be very uncomfortable with the idea of doing gentler activities including restorative yoga and meditation. What was the point of them anyway!? They seemed like a waste of time to me, but a friend encouraged me to do more recovery practice, gentle nudging.

Life blatantly shoved me into yoga a you asked, I answered, now shut up and do it!

Most of us know yoga as physical postures and exercises (Hatha Yoga). But yoga refers primarily to discipling the mind. Yoga is evenness of mind: detachment from the dualities of pain and pleasure, success and failure. Yoga is skill in action, because this kind of detachment is required if one is to act in freedom, rather than merely react to events compelled by conditioning. It is unshakable equanimity, profound peace of mind. 

What I am saying is that Yoga is really a path, a type of training, to help us experience the type of life we know is out there. Our judgement is better and vision clearer if we are not emotionally entangled in the outcomes of what we do or seeing through the perceptions of past experiences. Our will is no longer lead astray by the desire for pleasure which confuses and scatters the mind.

It is not avoidance or severe self discipline. It is a training of the body and mind and senses.

In this way we don’t hide or play small, but instead we enjoy life full out! We experience life with an open heart and awakened mind. We no longer live in fear, anger, or anxiety.

I want to live my life wholeheartedly. I want the same for you. 

Brightest of blessings,

Dawn xo

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